The FOR THE FANS Podcast is a weekly NASCAR-themed talk show where FTF Co-Owners Kevin McAdams and Justin Melillo talk shop for about 90 minutes. Mostly, we talk about NASCAR, but occasionally, we cover other motorsports, as well as online "Sim" racing. 

The FTF Podcast is available first on YouTube, usually on Tuesday night.

It becomes available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and Spotify shortly afterward.

Questions, answers, ideas, and such else should be messaged to us on either our Facebook page, or on our Twitter.

This podcast is FOR THE FANS, so we need FAN input to steer the show. Interested in a guest appearance? Hit us up!

For The Fans and FTF Racing are both entities of M2 Multimedia LLC.

With Kevin McAdams and Justin Melillo

The "For The Fans" Podcast, a M2 Multimedia production.