FTF Indy Racing League

FTF began hosting league racing in 2009 with the FTF Indy Racing League. Justin Melillo won the 1st championship with 4 victories, including an Iowa win after saving 11 laps of gas!

About FTF Racing

It all started late in 2008...

Back in the glory days of NR2003, just after the sierra lobby closed for the last time, FTF Racing was formed. We were just a small team, looking to make a splash in the ranks of once great NR2003 leagues. A money race dubbed "The Turkey Run" brought Justin Melillo, Ryan Nawrocki, and C.J. Bowe together to show everyone else that they could get it done on a gigantic stage. The teammates finished 1-2-3 with C.J. in victory lane, Ryan second, and Justin pushing behind in 3rd.

Months later, FTF Racing, the league, was born. FTF offered an incredible INDY RACING LEAGUE series using NR2003 PTA physics for a full season before it disbanded. The team slipped into obscurity and went dormant for years.

2011 saw the rise of SNA Racing, headed by Justin Melillo, Kevin McAdams, Ryan Nawrocki, Marcus Broadnax, and Coby Waits. The timing was wrong, and the series fell through. The remnants remained, and were converted to over to the new FTF Racing. FTF offered a cheap server for other  leagues to borrow, while still running it's own indy and 07 cup series.

In late 2014, FTF started it's own SuperSpeedway Series, and in 2015, FTF began it's own full Cup season, following the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule for all 36 weeks.

Stay tuned for our 2017 plans! We will definitely be bringing back the 2017 Cup Series, as well as maybe some other series along the way! Administrators Justin Melillo, Kevin McAdams, David Schildhouse, Adam Codol, and Brandon Lawson look forward to bringing you all the best and most competitive racing still around!          




David Schildhouse wins Jones Cup

The 2016 season ended live on DRTV for the ASUS Republic of Gamers 300 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. David Schildhouse finished 3rd, the highest of the championship contenders, earning him the title of FTF Champ!



FTF Champion Wall

FTF SS Season 1 - Andrew Fessler

FTF SS Season 2 - Andrew Fessler

FTF SS Season 3 - Kevin McAdams

FTF SS Season 4 - Kyle Riley

FTF Cup 2015 - Kevin McAdams

FTF Cup 2016 - David Schildhouse

FTF UFI Season A - Andrew Schwartz

FTF UFI Season B - Andrew Schwartz

FTF UFI 2016 - Andrew Schwartz

Recent History


Sim Racers Garage

FTF gets a lot of support from the Facebook community, SRG. FTF hosted the SRG 500 in 2014, an event that was won by Josh Chin.

SNA Racing

SNA was formed in August of 2011 with hopes of being the next big league. Interest died out, and the remnants were transformed into a new FTF Racing.